How to effectively clean your bathroom


You probably think that cleaning the bathroom is an easy job. Simply wash the sink and put some bleach down the toilet right? Wrong. Bathrooms need to be regularly cleansed and scrubbed so that they’re hygienic, and also so that they can function properly for you and your family. You use your bathroom everyday and it’s the one place that you can almost guarantee your guests will use, so what are you waiting for? Take the time to get it right. It’ll almost be like having a brand new bathroom!clean bathroom

Dust the ceiling

We bet you do this in your living room, so why not the bathroom too? Shake out the cobwebs and get rid of all that dust. It’s not doing your health any good and you don’t want any spiders nesting up there either.

Clean the shower head

So many people wash the basin of the bath and the walls of the shower without giving a thought to the shower head. Remember that it’s where the water comes from- if there’s any grime, it’s going to be washed straight onto you and into the water that you’re using. Try rinsing it in a solution of white vinegar or bicarbonate soda.

Make sure to regularly wash any curtains/blinds

They’ll be gathering condensation every time that you have a shower. Therefore, wash them regularly to avoid black mould and damp growing on them. This includes your shower curtain. You don’t want to have to throw it away simply because you were too lazy to give it a scrub. You’ll find that any mould will come off much more easily if you catch it quickly.

Scrub the tiles

It might be helpful to have a special sponge which you wipe down the shower/bath with immediately after you’ve used it. This will stop condensation from building up. Shop bought bleaches designed especially for bathroom tiles will help, or you could try whipping up your own solution using natural ingredients like lemon juice or white spirit vinegar.

Keep the floor tidy

Sweep it, mop it, and shake out any rugs/mats that you have down. If you have a carpet then hoover it. Make sure to do this as regularly as you would in other rooms. To kill any harmful bacteria, try buying some anti-bacterial floor wipes and using them once a week.

It doesn’t take much to keep the bathroom clean. For optimum results, set aside a few hours a week, and it’ll be spick and span in no time. Happy cleaning!

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