Pros and cons of a garage conversion

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To put it quite simply, there are both pros and cons of having a garage conversion. Although they may be an asset for some people, they might not be others and they might be best to extend their home elsewhere or to have a different room in the house converted. That’s why we’re going to give you the positives and negatives straight up so you can decide for yourself.Pros and cons of a garage conversion


It costs less than some other conversions e.g. a kitchen conversion. The average cost in the UK for a garage conversion is around 7K.

The work can be completed in only a few weeks. This is a great bonus if you’re on a budget as you won’t have to pay out as much for labour costs. It’s also really good if you want the work doing quickly because you want/need to use it straight away.

Increase in space- if you have a large garage, then you may find yourself with what feels almost like an extra house! If you have a small garage then it doesn’t matter, as any size of garage really helps to make a home feel bigger and gives it a whole new breadth of life.

They can become a lot of things- gym, office, bedroom, you name it, it can be done!

It can add value to your house, especially if you have additional off road parking space.

Even if planning permission is needed to change the exterior, you can still do the inside whilst you’re waiting for it to come through- you don’t need it to do the interior.


Just as they can add value to your home, they can also lower the value of your home. This tends to be the case is there’s not much space to park anywhere else, e.g. if you live on a busy street.

You need to make sure that you have somewhere else in mind to park your own car. This could mean giving up any front garden space.

Less storage space- remember that the garage was probably where you used to store things like your tools. Make sure that you have a back up space for them.

If you don’t get good insulation, it could become cold and damp quite quickly. Remember that this will cost you.

So there you have it. Quick, easy to understand, and straight to the point. What are your thoughts?

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