Have you thought about black framed windows?

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Maybe they’re not for everyone, but a trend that has become increasingly popular is the idea of having black framed windows. For those of you out there who feel the need to make their home feel a bit more sophisticated, they could be a winner. Need a bit of persuading? We can help with that.Have you thought about black framed windows?

If you’re into the sleek and contemporary look, dark framed windows can really make your home stand out from the crowd. Not to mention, dark colours are bang on trend right now! They look particularly great with fresh white walls- who doesn’t like a bit of monochrome?

The good news if that’s not your style, is that black framed windows can look great with a whole host of colours. Why not try giving them a whirl with earth toned shades for a different spin on this trend?

Another bonus is the way that they really draw your attention to the world outside your window. If you have amazing views, why not take advantage of them? You, your family, and any guests that you have round, won’t be able to get enough!

Furthermore, they’re fantastic for those of you out there who hate the struggle of trying to keep the window frames clean, something which can be difficult especially if you have children in the house who are constantly mucking up your nice clean frames. When they’re black, any dirt or scruffs don’t tend to show up as easily, meaning less time on overall window maintenance. That’s got to be a good thing, right?

If you want to give a room more light, then black framed windows can really help with this. This is due to the way that they can give the illusion that the windows are larger than they actually are, making it seem like there’s more light coming in than there is.

Last of all, remember that black absorbs heat very well. Having your window frames this colour can mean that your home feels warmer, something that can be a great benefit if you find that your house tends to feel particularly cold in the winter months.

So what do you think? Have we convinced you? Either way, it’s at least something to think about!

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