Different types of outdoor lighting

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With the long dark nights seeming to drag on forever at this time of year, your home can look like a very bleak place from the outside. So why not get yourself some outdoor lights?Exterior Lighting There are loads of different types to suit whatever size or style of property you have. That way, whenever you come home, you’ll be able see your home shining like a welcoming beacon. It’ll make that transition from your bed to your car a little bit easier- no one likes leaving home in the pitch black do they? And at least you’ll actually be able to see where you’re going- no one likes stumbling around on their driveway trying to find their keys in this freezing cold weather. Sound good? Let’s look at your options:

Front door lighting

If you have a more traditional looking property, then what about getting some sort of hanging lantern? You could buy one in different colours to make it stand out more, or you could keep things simple and get one in a more neutral colour like brown or black. Depending on the size and layout of your property, it could work to have more than one.

Garden lighting

Think about putting some in both your front and back garden. They add security to your home and in the summer months, mean you can stay outside for longer. Again, lanterns could work, though this time on a smaller scale. You could line any paths that you have with multiple little lights. If you have any plants or trees, then it could look really nice to have some sort of solar lights wrapped around them.

Driveway lighting

Just like in the garden, multiple little lights will work well. You could even fix lighting fixtures to any posts, fences or walls that you have. It will really add curb appeal to your property and of course, will make it easier to park your car in the evening!

Address lighting

How many times have you tried to find an address in the dark to no avail? Well help out anyone who’s trying to find your home, and light up your door number or door sign at the entrance to your property. Your friends and family will thank you for it, as well as anyone who’s delivering your Friday night takeaway!

Exterior garage lighting

This can be really effective at lighting up not only the garage, but also the rest of the property. This is especially the case if you use flood lights, something that has become increasingly popular with homeowners over the years. This is because it’s also a good extra means of security.

What do you think? Have we convinced you into getting any outdoor lighting?

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  1. Thanks admin for this post.The first step in designing any lighting system is to determine what you want the light to do for you.Your tips are really helpful to understand the importance of outdoor lighting.Outdoor lighting improves visibility and safety.Attractive home lighting that is strategically placed can greatly improve your outdoor’s edge appeal.Outdoor lighting creates a pleasant ambiance when properly applied, allowing people to be comfortable and relaxed. Instead of just illuminating the area where people will be gathering, consider placing subtle lighting around your entire yard so that you don’t feel like you’re under a spotlight and surrounded by darkness.

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