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With Christmas done and dusted, we’ve all (hopefully!) been left rejuvenated and relaxed after a happy festive season full of delicious food, time with our loved ones, and, of course, presents. But where are we going to put all those presents? A problem that a lot of people face at this time of year is that they’ve acquired a whole new bunch of stuff, but they have nowhere to put it. It’s a good idea to have a clear out at this time of year, but before you find yourself getting rid of pretty much everything you own, why not read our storage tips. Hopefully we can make things a little bit easier for you!Messy living room

Make use of any small boxes that you have. A lot of gift sets come in boxes which are made of surprisingly strong material. Instead of throwing them away, organise any small bits that you have into them. Think stationary, jewellery, makeup, anything. If you have any leftover empty boxes of Quality Street or Roses, use these too. Remember to label them so that you don’t get confused over where everything is!

If you have any large cupboards, why not buy a set of small drawers which will fit inside? You’ll probably have these at work, but they’re just as good in the home. You can use these as you would an ordinary set of drawers. They’re perfect for socks or underwear which can have a habit of disappearing in large spaces.

Buy some clear boxes. You can get these from pretty much any supermarket or homeware store, and at a really low price too. They’re great for storing any clothes that you don’t need at this time of year, or even for your shoes. If you find that you have a lot of bedding or towels, then they work for these too. The fact that they’re clear means that you can easily see what’s inside of them. Store them under your bed so that they’re easily accessible for whenever you need them.

If you find that the kids have a lot of arts and crafts bits, then why not get yourself a dish rack? It might sound strange but they’re surprisingly adept at storing colouring books, pens and pencils. This way you can keep all of their stuff together without anything getting lost and without it all being scattered across your living room floor.

Use drawer dividers. Instead of just shoving everything into a drawer, use a divider to organise everything into different sections which you can easily see when you open it up. You don’t neccessarily have to buy one either- you can use items from around the house to aid you such as empty egg cartons, lids, or even the card of old cereal boxes. Get creative!

Do you have any home storage tips to share with us? Let us know.

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