How to create a Scandinavian style kitchen

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In light of the rise of ‘hygge’ in 2016, Scandinavian style homes are becoming more and more popular in the UK. We can understand why too. Who doesn’t love a light and airy space? Scandinavian style kitchenScandinavian style tends to be modern but also traditional at the same time through its use of lots of wood and a simple layout. By spreading some of this design into your kitchen, you can have a space that’s fuss free but comfortable and homely at the same time. After all, the kitchen’s the heart of the home, it deserves some TLC. Here’s some tips on how to create your own Scandinavian style kitchen- you can thank us later!

The colour:

The emphasis is on clean and simple. Whites are the best, though if you’re worried about it showing up all the dirt, why not go for cool, calming colours such as blues or greys? Make sure to avoid bright colours at all costs.You also want to avoid anything glossy- this style tends to use matte colours. It’s a good idea to paint any woodwork too for a more contemporary finish.

The floor:

To keep things fresh, go for pale wooden floor boards. Avoid anything dark. Tiles and carpets are a big no no and rugs aren’t allowed either!

The layout: Scandinavian kitchens don’t tend to have lots of islands or separate counters. Instead, they have open space which is easy for lots of people to gather in or they combine the kitchen and dining space together so that families can stay connected whilst any cooking takes place.Scandinavian style kitchen

The dining table:

Just like the floor boards, go for pale wood. If you want to add your own twist to this trend, then why not buy chairs in a different colour to the table? Think pastels! You’ll want to make the area look welcoming, so why not hang a single light fixture from the ceiling over the centre of the table?

The accessories:

Teatowels, cutlery and any other kitchen accessories, can be used to add a pop of colour. Make sure this is literally a ‘pop’ though as too much takes away from the minimalistic feel!Scandinavian style kitchen

The storage:

Instead of having cupboards surrounding your entire kitchen, why not try making use of single shelves? They create smoother lines as long as you don’t make them too cluttered. It’ll make the room feel more spacious and less boxy in an instant. Group any cabinets that you do need, as well as the fridge/freezer, together on one wall.

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