Pros and cons of triple glazing

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First of all it was double glazing, and now it’s triple glazing. We’re told that it helps to keep even more heat inside your house, something that we could all do with now it’s freezing outside! It’s hugely popular in colder countries already, so it makes sense that this trend has now arrived in the UK. But are there really benefits to it? Is it worth having it done or will double glazing do the job? Let’s take a closer look.triple glazing

What are the benefits?

Well it’s true, they do help to keep even more heat inside of your house due to the extra layer of glass which acts as a further insulator.

If they’re fitted correctly, they can really make a difference to the energy efficiency of your home as well as giving it lower U values. This means that your energy bills should be cheaper making triple glazing an excellent long term investment.

They make your home more secure as it makes it harder to smash through the glass, hopefully deterring anyone looking to burgle your home.

Due to their thickness, your home will be more soundproofed than if you just had double glazing. Time to say goodbye to getting disturbed by your noisy neighbours! This could also be particularly useful if you live near a busy road where double glazing doesn’t quite manage to disguise the noise of road traffic.

What are the downfalls of triple glazing?

The main issue with triple glazing is the cost. They tend to be a lot more expensive than double glazing so do be aware of this. You also need to know that yes, it can save you some money due to the energy it conserves, but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get back the money you save in comparison to the cost of having triple glazing fitted in the first place.

Due to the amount of glass, the window frame has to deal with a lot more pressure on it. This means that it may wear out quicker and you may have to repair it much more quickly than if you just have double glazing.triple glazing

Our verdict?

Well, it’s definitely something to think about! As long as you can afford to do so, there definitely seem to be a lot more positives than there are negatives. Have a think, but we think it could be worth it.

Have you any experience of triple glazing? Let us know.

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