How to spruce up your downstairs bathroom

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Having a downstairs bathroom can be such a convenience, especially if your house is constantly full of people making it difficult to just the upstairs one! But because the space tends to be smaller, a lot of us out there forget that it can be decorated just as nicely as the one upstairs. downstairs toiletHere’s some tips on how to get it spruced up and looking fresh whilst at the same time, making the most of its size:

Put up a mirror

Everyone knows that a good mirror can make all the difference and can really make a room feel like it has much more space. Why not try and buy one which is in an unusual shape to add character? If you’re feeling brave, then you could even create a mirrored wall.

Buy flowers

Flowers can make any space look more decorative. It doesn’t matter whether they’re real or artificial. If you have a windowsill, put them on there, and if you don’t, why not try putting them on the top of the toilet?

Use statement wallpaper

Who says you can’t wallpaper a bathroom? For a fun and funky look, go for something bright and vibrant. It’ll certainly cheer it up!

Burn candles

Candles are the ultimate go to for ambience and for making a room smell great. For the bathroom, ideal scents include vanilla and lavender. Even just having one could make all the difference.

Make sure the lighting’s good

Due to the smallness of the space, the best thing you can do is to avoid the room feeling dingy. To make it feel warm, try yellow lighting rather than harsh lighting.

Use savvy storage

Things like spare loo rolls and soap don’t need to be scattered all over the place. Invest in some form of storage whether it’s a small set of drawers or even some baskets. Wooden and linen ones help to create a minimalistic feel. Either way, it’ll mean you have more space to move around in without tripping over!

Downstairs bathrooms don’t have to be bland and boring, just make sure to think outside of the box. Have you any tips for us?

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