How to create a rustic style kitchen

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Many of us dream of a rustic style kitchen because of how cosy and traditional they look. They also give a house more character. However, despite dreaming about it, we worry that we won’t be able to pull it off in our own home. That’s why we’re going to convince you that you’re wrong and that you can pull this decor off in any kitchen, if you know how. Pay attention and we’ll tell you how it’s done!Rustic Kitchen

The key ingredient to rustic is wood. Wood panelling can make any room instantly feel more homely. To really get that farmhouse feel, make sure you have a large wooden island in the centre of the kitchen. Any cupboards you have should also be wooden.

The space itself in your rustic kitchen should feel very open which will make it perfect for your family coming and going. It also makes for a brilliant entertaining space if you have friends round.

In terms of furniture, you want items that are full of character. If you feel that your kitchen can’t take any more wood, then try and go for cabinets and units in dusky shades of pink, blue, yellow or green. These colours will add a soft feel to the room. Don’t be tempted by bright colours as they’ll make it look far too brash.

Old fashioned looking light fixtures will add to the charm of the room.

Decorations should look natural. Fill any windowsills with flowers or house plants. Go for ornaments which look handmade and quirky. You could try hanging up vintage prints of landscapes to really try and capture that country feel.

In terms of storage, why not go for a hanging rack for all your pots and pans? It’ll look great as well as giving you quick and easy access to them all when you’re cooking. Leaving you with more cupboard space as well, what’s not to like? Think about creating exposed shelves too. Again it adds to that homely feel that rustic is all about.

With just a few tips and tricks, you’ll have that rustic kitchen you always wanted in no time. What are you waiting for? Get stuck in!

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