How to protect your guttering

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Although guttering may not normally seem like your main priority, it is an important part of your house, and does need to be protected. Gutters catch water when it rains and help to eliminate surface run off from your roof, but with daily exposure to the elements, they can get easily blocked up by dirt and debris. This means that damp can spread into your home, definitely not what you asked for! So what can you do to stop this from happening? How can you ensure that the gutter continues to function properly?Guttering-01

Trim overgrown trees

A definitive way to stop leaves from getting into your gutter is to ensure that any trees near to the level of your gutter are kept trimmed. If you do this regularly you’re likely to notice an immediate difference. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Gutter guards

These are brilliant if you want a solution that doesn’t require too much maintenance. There are a few different types of gutter guards available, and they’re brilliant for stopping big chunks of the inevitable debris sticking in the gutters and clogging them up.

Gutter brushes work by sitting in the gutter and collecting any dirt or grime that gets into their bristles. At the same time, they allow any water to continue to flow through, meaning no disruption to the system.guttering

If you’re not convinced by gutter brushes, then what about trying a leaf guard? These work by fitting into the top part of the gutter and forming a cage which collects any debris. Again they allow the water to continue to flow. The main benefit is these are the fact that they come in different sizes so they’re suitable for any style of gutter.

Use bird and rodent repellents

A big build up of leaves can create a sort of nest, perfect for any creatures that want to make it their home! By leaving repellents around your gutters, you can make sure that this doesn’t happen. Try to get ones that are environmentally friendly.

By introducing these methods, you can be sure that your gutters won’t get blocked up. None of them require too much maintenance, so there’s no excuse- get on it as soon as you can!

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