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The bathroom is likely the space where you get ready for the day and so it’s important that you have a bathroom mirror that works well for you. It’s also common knowledge that mirrors can make a room feel bigger if strategically placed. That’s why we think it’s worthwhile to spend a bit of time actually thinking about your choice of bathroom mirror.bathroom mirror

It can be a good idea to have a bathroom cabinet installed with a mirrored front. This way you can create more storage and have a big enough mirror that you’ll be able to see your reflection without much of a struggle. It also means that you’ll have all your products in easy reach whilst you’re getting ready.

If you and your other half are constantly fighting for the mirror, then why not solve that problem by putting in two identical mirrors? Be aware that if you do this, then you’ll have two thinner mirrors but of course you can make up for that by making sure that they’re longer in length.

Make a statement by choosing a mirror in an unusual shape. This way, it becomes the focal point of attention in the room and gives the space a more quirky and unique look. Take note that square styles can make the room feel more structured and put together whilst a more circular design will make it feel more relaxed and airy.

To make the room look more glamorous, why not have a mirror with backlighting? It means you’ll be able to see yourself better and of course, you won’t have to deal with harsh bathroom lighting. A small touch like this takes a mirror from being boring to being something special.

Having a variation of small mirrors hanging on the wall can make a room look more abstract and different, and of course it also gives you a choice to choose from when getting ready! Just make sure that each individual mirror is a different size to stop it from looking too uniform.

What do you think? Are you planning on changing up your bathroom mirror? Let us know.

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