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If you’ve read our blog before, then you’ll know that we’re a big fan of garage conversions. They can add extra space onto your home whilst also adding value to it, especially when they’re completed to a good finish. We’re going to share some of our top ideas for garage conversions with you, and hopefully we can get you motivated to try them out for yourself.

A kitchen

‘I already have a kitchen’ we can hear you saying. That may be true, but why not extend it into your garage conversion? This way you can create a larger kitchen which becomes more open plan, perfect for if you have a big family or if you love entertaining. It could also give you the option to try styles out that you’ve always wanted to and add features like an island. Check out the kitchen part of our blog for more inspiration!garage conversion - kitchen

A gym

We live in a world where we’re constantly being told that we need to exercise more, so why not turn the garage into a home gym? Maybe you’ll have more incentive to get fit if you know you don’t even have to leave the house in order to do it!garage conversion - gym

An extra bedroom

This is the perfect solution if you’re constantly having to make guests sleep on the sofa. It’s also brilliant if the bedrooms that you already have are a bit on the small side, or if you have family members living with you who struggle to get up the stairs.garage conversion - bedroom

A play room

We know what its like when the entire family has to try and squash into the living room, especially when there’s younger children whose abundance of toys can leave it feeling like there’s less space than there actually is. By having a play room, they can be free to have all of their things contained in one place, leaving the living room tidier and allowing it to be more of a space for grown ups.garage conversion - playroom

A home office

It can be really stressful to try and balance work and family life. By having your own home office, you’ll hopefully be able to try and get some of those deadlines ticked off your list without the journey into the office cutting into your precious weekend time.garage conversion - office

Do you have any garage conversion ideas to share with us? Let us know.

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