How to create a Mediterranean style kitchen

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It might still be chilly out there but we can bet that by now, you’ve started dreaming of your summer holidays. Imagine jetting off to somewhere new with warmer days and bluer skies- what’s not to love? Lots of us out there will be familiar with days spent on the beach under the Mediterranean sun. It might still be a few months away, but there’s nothing to stop you from bringing that influence inside, is there?Mediterranean style kitchen At the moment Mediterranean style kitchens are all the range, and with a few handy tips you can bring the style that’s so reminiscent of your perfect summer, into your home. That way it’ll be ready for you to enjoy all year round. Here’s where to start:

In terms of the colour of the room, think deep shades of reds, oranges and yellows. Any colour that reminds you of the Mediterranean landscape will work perfectly. If you’re feeling brave you could try out some stenciling, just remember that the colour should be the main focus so try to make sure that it’s only there for a subtle finish.

In terms of decoration, avoid anything that’s too plain. Mediterranean kitchens encompass lots of curves so make sure that’s the case in everything from your light fitting to your wall clock. Having lots of curves makes the room feel much more graceful and relaxed rather than harsh and brash.

Flooring should be tiled, again in colours that are suggestive of a Mediterranean landscape. Tiles are a major feature of this style as they create a rustic feel that will make your kitchen feel like it’s centuries old, rather than brand new! Remember that tiles aren’t just for the floor- you could create a tiled mosaic on one of the walls for extra character.

Any kitchen units, cupboards or any other type of furniture should preferably be in tones of dark wood. Think chestnut, mahogany or walnut. The trick is to pick pieces which look like they’ll be able to stand the test of time. If you’re worried about it looking too plain, then choose wood which has elaborate detailing.

Mediterranean kitchens tend to be warm and inviting, the ideal space for gatherings with family and friends. Its main components are vivid colours, sumptuous details and of course, a design that reminds you of the sun and the sea. If you keep this in mind then you’ll soon be on the right track.

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