Think before you build: Paver patios


We know that it’s February but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start improving your home exterior now! If anything, it means that by the time the warmer weather does arrive, you can simply sit back and enjoy it instead of having to take on garden projects.Think before you build: Paver patios Today we’re going to share some tips and tricks on how to install the perfect paver patio. Becoming increasingly popular in comparison to concrete, here’s what you need to know:


You can have patios installed in lots of different materials, however paver patios tend to be the cheapest in the long run. Despite their initial costs, they tend to last for a long time.

It doesn’t take much to replace an individual paver if it becomes damaged. This is because it can be easily removed without damaging the rest of the pavers.

Unlike a lot of other patio materials, pavers come in lots of different colours, therefore giving you better flexibility. Most people decide to go for imitation stone, however you might decide on something more quirky. It all depends on the look you’re planning on going for. The texture of pavers is also a great design asset, as it immediately stops them from looking bland and boring, no matter what colour you decide on.


One of the main issues with pavers is that weeds can easily grow in the gaps between the pavers. To prevent this you will have to cut out any weeds as soon as you see them, and put down joint sand every so often. This should then remove the gap and stop the problem from recurring. The good news is that this is the sort of problem that only crops up in the long term.

You can find that the pavers become settled if the soil underneath was not made to be compact enough. Therefore it’s essential that you get a professional in to do the job. We know that this can make the job more expensive, but unfortunately it’s the best option in order to get things done properly.

In our opinion it seems that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. What do you think? Have we sold you on installing a paver patio? Let us know.

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