How to choose the perfect rug

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Rugs are the ideal way to give a room a splash of colour and to make it look a bit more exciting. But how do you know how to find the perfect rug? We’re talking about the type of rug that feels great, that looks great, and is also an investment piece.How to choose the perfect rug Don’t worry if you don’t, today’s blog is all about how to choose one that’s all of those things! Here’s what you need to know:

First thing to think about is the size of the rug. There’s no point in choosing a rug that completely dominates the space you have to work with. At the same time you don’t want one that’s so small that it just looks like it’s been put there at random! The best thing to do is to be sensible about it. Why is that you’ve decided to get a rug? Is it because you want to give the space more detail? Is it because you want to cover up your weathered flooring? Start with these questions and you should be able to work out what size of rug will work best for you.

The next thing to consider is what style of rug you want. If the room you’re planning to put it in is plain, then you might want one that has a pattern on it to make the room look more interesting. Similarly, if you have a room which is already full of patterns, you might want to choose a contrasting rug in a plain colour. If you’re feeling brave then you could decide to clash patterns- this has become an increasingly popular trend. Keep in mind that rugs with patterns tend to hide general wear and tear better.

Now you need to think about the material of the rug. Your mind might immediately jump to an ultra fluffy rug that will make a space look instantly cosy and comfortable, but is this really a practical option in your house? If you have children and pets we’re betting it’s probably a no! It’s also worth remembering that rugs which are made up of multiple different materials don’t tend to be as hard wearing as those which are made up entirely of natural materials, such as wool or cotton.

Choosing a rug might not sound like a big deal but the truth is that they really can pull a room together and give it the breath of fresh air that it needed. Have you any advice for us on choosing the perfect rug?

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