Converted loft bedroom tips and tricks

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Loft bedrooms are brilliant if you need more space in your home but you don’t want to have to extend your home outwards. Some people are wary about using the loft as a bedroom, purely because of its low ceilings and the inevitable worry of dead conversion - bedroom However, if you put your mind to it, loft bedrooms can actually be the perfect place to relax and unwind due to their cosiness. Here are some ideas on how to make that loft bedroom perfect:

The sides of the room, where the ceiling is the lowest, are the ideal place to put your bed. It means that you have the rest of the space to work with rather than having the bed in the centre, dominating the room. This tip comes in particularly handy if you have a single bed, but if you can’t live without a double, then you can try this out anyway and see if it works. Just don’t forget to mind your head if you decide to do this!

Another option is to use the sides of the room with low ceilings as wardrobes. By fitting a pole and a curtain, you can easily create a space which is perfect for all of your clothes. It also stops you from having to lug a big heavy wardrobe up the stairs!

If you’re still worried about storage, then make sure to have built in furniture installed. If you get a professional in to do it, then they’ll be able to make the most of the space you have by using all of the nooks and crannies to your advantage.

The floor you decide on can make all of the difference to the overall feel of the room. Wooden floors can look great and they’re a great way of giving the room a sleek and sophisticated look. For a more dramatic effect add a rug- it’ll also help to keep your feet toasty of course! Carpets work well too- the fluffier the better! Go for neutral colours which will go with everything.

If you’re worried the room feels a bit small, create a mirrored wall. Mirrors are fantastic for making a room look bigger than it actually is.

Did you know that painting the ceiling also helps to make a room look bigger than it is? It’s true, we promise! This works best if you paint the ceiling the same colour as the rest of the walls. If you’ve wallpapered the walls, then you could even go as far to wallpaper the ceiling in the same prints.

With a few handy tips and tricks you’ll have the perfect loft bedroom in no time. Have you any to share with us? We’d love to hear them!

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