How to convert your cellar into a library

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For all of you book lovers out there, there’s nothing better than the thought of having your very own library. Imagine how many hours you could spend in there, losing yourself in world after world… Well in today’s article, we’re going to tell you how you can do just that, in your cellar. With a mixture of hard work and innovative thinking, it’ll be ready for your pleasure in no time.home library

Like with any cellar conversion, you need to make sure that the room is a habitable space. This can be achieved through making sure that there’s no leaks, that the space is well insulated, and that it’s properly plastered. You’ll also need to make sure that there’s cabling for the electricity- you’ll want to make sure that you can see! It’s a good idea to think about these things as you’re sorting out the layout of the room. It’s also wise to consider getting it soundproofed. After all, the last thing you want is to hear the noise from the rest of the house whilst you’ve got your nose stuck in a book!

In terms of the flooring, think cosy. Choose a fluffy carpet for the ultimate comfort fix, or a wooden floor for a more authentic library feel. Lots of textures using rugs will again make the space feel more snug. Avoid bright colours- you’re aiming for relaxation, you don’t want a headache!home library

It’s up to you when thinking about what colour you want to paint your walls, but our top tip is to go for warm colours which will add to that cosy feel. We also recommend making the walls feel more homely with paintings of romantic landscapes or with framed prints of quotes from your favourite books.

The furniture should largely be made up of shelves. Go for long tall bookcases lining the walls, ready to fill with all of your favourite books. You could also buy double sided shelves to create rows- this works best if you have a large cellar. You’ll also want either an armchair or a couch to lounge on. Make sure that it’s super comfortable- after all, you’ll be spending lots of time in it! It could be a good idea to get a foot rest and a coffee table too.home library

Now it’s time to add any other home comforts. We suggest you go for lots of cushions, some lovely throws and some atmospheric candles.

All that’s left to do is to grab a cup of tea, a book and enjoy!

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