New trend alert: Lagom

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As you know, we’re huge fans of Hygge, the Danish trend which took the UK by storm last year. Well according to experts, the latest home trend that we should be looking out for is Lagom, which comes from Sweden. The general idea of Lagom is simplicity, which in interior talk means minimilisatic. Our homes should incorporate frugality, fairness and balance, therefore making us feel relaxed and refreshed, just in time for the spring! So how do we bring it into our homes?New trend alert: Lagom

The walls

Avoid anything bright and loud at all costs. We’d advise you to go for white walls, but if you’re worried about it getting dirty, then maybe choose a light grey or a light blue instead. Wall decorations should be simple and not fussy, so don’t go for more than one per room. To really keep in with this trend, why not try prints of quotes or phrases on a black and white background? If you’d prefer to hang up framed photographs, print them off in black and white and go for wooden frames.

The floor

Carpets are a big no. Instead, it’s all about the wooden floor. Remember that dark wood is easier to maintain. Ideally go for hardwoods like walnut or oak. If you feel the need to add a rug, then choose one in a neutral colour so that it blends in, rather than stands out.

The furniture

Translated into English, Lagom means ‘just the right amount’. Well, that’s the key thing to remember when picking out your furniture. Do you really need so many chairs? Do you really need that extra book case? Avoid cluttering the room up with bits and pieces that you don’t really need. Choose pieces which are good quality and long lasting- Lagom embraces timelessness.


With sustainability being a big part of this trend, it’s important that you go for anything natural! We’re thinking flowers (not too many, of course!), or any wooden ornaments.

Lagom might not be for everyone, but it’s certainly got us thinking. What are your thoughts? Did you prefer Hygge?

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