How to get your garden ready for spring


It’s officially March, and with the days getting longer, spring is officially round the corner. Instead of stuffy days being stuck inside watching the wind howl and the rain fall, we can be out in the garden getting some fresh air and enjoying the sunshine. Therefore, it’s time to get your garden all spruced up and ready for it!How to get your garden ready for spring

Here’s our top tips:

Do a good clean up

With all of the bad weather that we’ve been having here in the UK, it’s likely that your garden’s taken a bit of a beating. This means that it’s time to start clearing any fallen debris off the lawn and making sure that the flowerbeds are cleaned out. Any trees and bushes should be pruned to get rid of broken or dead branches.How to get your garden ready for spring

Get the summer bulbs planted

After spring comes the summer, and there’s nothing better than a garden full of beautiful and bright flowers. If you plant them now, they’ll have plenty of time to flourish and blossom.How to get your garden ready for spring

Prep the soil

Regularly dig up and unearth the soil so as that it’s nice and loose, the perfect conditions for planting. It might be wise to mix in some manure or compost to give it the nutrients that it needs- we recommend that you make sure this is organic.How to get your garden ready for spring

Rid your garden of any pests

Now’s the perfect thing to make sure that there’s nothing nasty threatening your garden. It means that you can put down pesticides well in advance. Look out for snails and slugs especially, as the recent wet weather will have caused them to take shelter all around any clusters of plants. Clear out any bedding pots too, as they can be home to all sorts of pesky creepy crawlies.

Paint the fence

Getting the fence painted is a job that a lot of us put off because it takes ages. It’s also back breaking work when the sun’s shining. Get it done now before the nice weather rolls round- it’ll give you more time to relax and enjoy the garden.

Get yourself in the spirit of spring today, as it’ll be here before you know it. Have you any tips to share with us?

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