Home improvements to make selling your house easier


Trying to sell your house in today’s competitive market comes with that many pitfalls that many of us wonder why we even try and bother. We’re aware that we can make improvements to our homes to help sell them quicker, but which ones add the most value and actually benefit from being done? Today’s blog is hopefully going to shed some light on that.Home improvements to make selling your house easier

Fix any structural issues

We’re talking about things like roof problems or collapsed floors. Yes, they can be expensive to fix, but honestly, they’ll make a difference when you’re trying to sell your house. After all, no one wants a freezing cold and damp house, do they? Remember that it’s not worth trying to just fix these problems cosmetically – any surveyor will find out the truth, and it could lead to the buyer dropping out of the sale.Roof repairs

Consider your heating system

This one’s a big must have for a majority of buyers! You’ll need to make sure that your boilers working properly and that everything’s up to date and working efficiently. We suggest making sure that all of the insulation’s in order, as well as ensuring the windows are double glazed. More and more homes have double glazing these days, and if your house doesn’t, then chances are that buyers will choose a house that does have it. It helps to keep the house warmer, safer and more soundproof. It can also help with bringing the cost of energy bills down.Boiler repairs

Off road parking

This is a very effective way to add value. It might be that you have a large front garden that you don’t really need. Why not turn part of it into a drive? A lot of house buyers worry about leaving their cars parked on the side of a busy road as it can lead to all sorts of accidents and damage.driveway

Update the kitchen/bathroom

New kitchen and bathroom suites can be a real selling point. Make sure that the job’s been done to good quality and that the design utilises the space – any sized room can look good if it’s been done properly. If you need any ideas on how to update them, try having a look through our kitchen and bathroom blogs – we have a tonne of ideas to help you out!

With a little bit of TLC, you can get your house to a high standard that will have it selling off the market in no time.

2 thoughts on “Home improvements to make selling your house easier

  1. Don’t forget that the stats on paper are incredibly important when it comes to attracting the right buyers with the sort of money you’re looking for. Doing up the bathroom might make the house more attractive, but moving a few walls and using that space to create an extra bedroom automatically makes your house more valuable. It’s not all about aesthetic; often what matter are the raw, hard facts.

  2. This is a really interesting post, it shows how spending some money can be an investment in the value of your home, it’s important to work out roughly how much the improvements will cost and how much it will rise the price by to find out what building work is worthwhile!

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