Orangeries: what you need to know

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What is it?

An orangery is exactly what it says on the tin- a space to grow oranges. Similar to a greenhouse, the room is kept warm and is promoted to the growth of these citrus trees. It’s certainly a great way to grow your own produce- just imagine sitting at the breakfast table drinking orange juice made out of oranges that you’ve grown and squeezed yourself. For the green fingered of us out there, it’ll definitely sound appealing!Orangeries: what you need to know

How are they different to conservatories?

Although there are easy comparisons to be made, orangeries tend to stay true to their roots, incorporating the elegant design that was used in them in the past. They’re normally made out of bricks with a glass roof and large windows, rather than being made out of glass all over. They’re also likely to be larger in size than a conservatory.

Do you need planning permission to build one?

Like with any conversion work, it’s best to check with your local building authority. Of course, it might not be necessary, but it’s always best to make sure.

Do you need a lot of space to build one?

Seeing as they’re normally larger than conservatories, then the answer is yes. It’s also important that you’re aware of how high the ceilings tend to be in them- you’re not going to want it blocking the windows of any rooms on the upper floors of your house. You’ll also want to make sure that you still have some room left in the garden!

How much will it cost?

It all depends on what features you’re adding to it and the size. We estimate that it could cost anything from £22,000- £70,000, depending on your budget.

What are your thoughts on orangeries? Are you tempted to have one? Let us know!

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