Different types of balconies:

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Balconies are the perfect way to make your home instantly feel more elegant and romantic, but how do you know which type to choose when there’s so many out there? Today’s article is going to tell you everything that you need to know about each different type. Hopefully this will give you some guidance on what will work best for your home.Different types of balconies

True balconies:

This is likely what you envision when someone says the word ‘balcony’. With a deck floor and railings, it’s the perfect outdoor space. It’s big enough to be walked on and it’ll be able to hold furniture. If you’re dreaming of warm summer evenings sat outside with a glass of wine, then this is the balcony for you.

Faux balconies:

Faux balconies are not actually real balconies at all. Instead they are just made to look like they are. They’ll have a rail but no actual floor, meaning that it’s impossible to stand on it. This type of balcony is ideal for if you want to make your house look a bit more interesting on the exterior, but you’re not bothered about actually having the outdoor space.

False balconies:

This type of balcony has a rail and only a small bit of decking. The point of a false balcony is to make a room feel more open and light. There will likely be enough room for if you want to grow any plants or herbs. False balconies are commonly found on apartment buildings, but they could work just as well on your house.

Mezzanine balconies:

These balconies are found inside your house. There will usually be a large deck and railings- it’s basically the same as a true balcony, except that it’s indoors. A mezzanine balcony is the perfect way to create a cosy corner in your home, as well as a good way of making it feel like there’s more room.

Balconies are a great addition to your home, whichever type you choose. Have we managed to persuade you into getting one?

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