Tips for choosing the colour of your roof shingles

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Shingle roofs are becoming increasingly popular in the UK because of their aesthetically pleasing design. The roof is visible to every single person that comes to your house, and its an important part of your home’s curb appeal. Roof shinglesShingle roofs come in different colours and you therefore need to consider carefully before choosing. You wouldn’t paint a wall without careful consideration, so it makes sense that the same goes for the colour of your roof’s shingles. Roofs last a long time and can be expensive to replace so that’s why it’s vital that you get it right first time. Here’s our top tips:

Think about the weather: Here in the UK, sunny days are far and few between. We know that the rain and the cold is an inevitable factor of our climate, so it’s important that you consider this. Darker coloured shingles will help to absorb heat and keep it inside the house. A bonus of this is that it will help to melt the snow and the ice in the winter months as well as keeping it nice and toasty for the rest of the year.

Make sure the colour matches the rest of the house: This goes without saying really! A lot of houses are made out of brown or red brick, and so we’d suggest going for shades of brown and cream. If you have a coloured house then you might want to find something that blends in rather than stands out, but this all depends on what works best for you.

Think about your neighbours: Do you really want to upset them? If you’re wanting to choose a colour that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the street then it’s probably a good idea to consult your neighbours first to avoid any drama later on!

Brighter colours aren’t as timeless: If you want a roof that will be in style for years then we’d advise you to go for something more neutral.

Pick a colour which hides any defects: If you choose colours which clash then any defects on the house are likely to be more obvious. Of course, if you have a home that already looks flawless then clash away, but we know that not everyone out there will be that lucky!

With our tips you can’t go wrong. What’re your thoughts?

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