What to do with leftover paint


If you’ve recently finished a home improvement project, then it’s likely that you’ve been left with spare paint. Unless you use it quickly, it could dry up. Of course it’s useful to have spare paint in case anything gets chipped, but if you’ve got a lot leftover, then why not try out some of our ideas?What to do with leftover paint

Try your hand at stenciling:

Stenciling is definitely making a comeback in terms of home interior this year, just make sure you have a steady hand before giving it a go! It adds details to a room which could otherwise look boring. We find that stenciling looks best if you do it in a room which isn’t already ‘too busy’. One of our favourite colour combinations is to stencil white paint on a colourful wall.What to do with leftover paint


Add small details to your home:

Like stenciling, this will stop your home from looking boring and can draw attention to areas which are focal points of your home. You could try painting your door handles or how about giving a photo frame a fresh new colour?

Get creative:

Why not try making DIY ornaments? You could get the kids involved to keep them entertained whilst at the same time creating something personal to you.

Improve old furniture:

Don’t throw out that old dressing table just yet! Use the leftover paint to jazz up any old furniture that you have lying around. Not only will it rejuvenate it, but it’ll also give it a fun and quirky look.What to do with leftover paint

Pass it onto your friends/neighbours:

You never know, someone could be looking to paint something small enough that they don’t need a full pot of paint.

If it’s white, mix it with other leftover paint:

If you seem to have lots of pots of leftover white paint, then why not combine it all together and use it as your base coat for your next project?

After all, waste not, want not. Have you any ideas on how to use leftover paint? Let us know.

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