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Loft conversions are a brilliant way of creating more room in your home. However, when having one converted, it’s vital that you think about fire safety. As much as we don’t want to think about it happening, fires in the home are more common that we think. They can be caused by accidents ranging from a fuse blowing to someone’s hair straighteners being left on. Loft conversion fire safety guideIf you follow our top tips then at least you know that in the event something was to go wrong, you can be rest assured that you and your family will be safe and sound. Here’s what to do:

Install smoke alarms:

You’ll have them in the rest of your home so it’s important that you have them in your loft conversion too. According to UK building regulations you should have one smoke alarm per story of your house. They should be connected to the mains, should be linked to other smoke alarms, and should be located at a distance from walls, light fixtures and radiators.

Add fire doors:

Building regulations have established that if you have converted your loft after 2007, then you need to make sure that any interior doors in your property are fire doors. The door into the loft conversion itself and any on the escape route out of the property from the loft should be fire resistant for at least twenty minutes.

Consider the loft stairs:

Somewhere on the stairway to the loft, there must be a fire door. To comply with regulations, you need to make sure that if the new staircase is directly above the staircase that already exists, then a fire door can be added at the top of the stairs. However, if it doesn’t then you will need a fire door at the bottom of the stairs.

Don’t underestimate escape windows:

It is no longer a requirement to have these in your loft conversion, but we think it could be a good idea to have one anyway. You do have to have some sort of window or skylight, but without much difference in price, you’d be silly to not even consider it.

You can’t put a price on safety, so follow our advice!

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  1. I agree that escapable windows are important. Unfortunately loft conversions are a particularly dangerous part of the house even if they are well converted. A route should be well known if you do have to escape by roof. I have seen homes with ladders in the past although I’m not sure if they’re trustworthy, and seem never to have been tested. Of course, preventative measures are key, but those escape routes and plans are definitely necessary.

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