How to childproof your bathroom

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Bathrooms are an essential part of the house and they may not seem dangerous, but when you have a child around, suddenly things need to be seen in a different light. That’s why it’s vital that you take all of the right precautions. So what can you do?How to childproof your bathroom

Install a safety lock on the door

This should hopefully stop your child from getting in there unsupervised.

Make sure the bathroom is kept clean

We recently wrote an article on bathroom cleaning if you need any advice on this front. It’s really important that any mould and mildew is scrubbed away as soon as it springs up. It can be really bad for people’s health, especially in the case of children who are much more sensitive. An important thing to remember is that your children’s bath toys can get mouldy- regularly check and clean them, and if the mould can not be removed, then you need to get rid of the toy itself.

Keep any potentially dangerous objects out of sight

We’re talking about your bathroom cleaning equipment, any medicines, and even your toiletries- you’d be surprised at what children are tempted by! Lock them away anywhere that’s out of reach, whether that’s in the cabinet or on a high shelf.

Ensure the toilet seat is kept down

It might sound silly, but a surprisingly shocking number of infants have had fatal accidents involving falling into the toilet. A safety clip which is childproof is the best solution if you’re worried that simply closing the toilet seat isn’t enough.How to childproof your bathroom

Stop the floor from being slippery

Make sure that you mop up any water after a bath/shower, and make sure that you’ve put down a large bath mat as well as any other non slip mats where you see fit.

Childproof your plug sockets

Put in plug socket covers where you can, and never leave anything plugged in.

Be careful about what you put in the bathroom bin

If you’re discarding things like razors, then avoid leaving them lying around in the bottom. You never know when your child could decide to have a look at what’s in there.

It doesn’t take much, so there’s no excuse! Have you any child proofing tips for us? Let us know.

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