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Having a loft conversion can seem like a great idea but they often come with a whole host of stumbling blocks. That’s why it’s important that you’re aware of them before you take things further. Loft conversion problemsThat way you can work out whether or not it’s still viable to have one done. Here’s what you need to know:

Although loft conversions generally don’t need planning permission, it may be the case that in order for one to be built, that the volume of space needs dramatically improving. If this happens, then you probably will need to seek approval. Note that you’ll also need to seek planning permission if you live in a conservation area which is protected, or if you live in a building which is listed.

In some lofts, the header tank may be in an awkward location. Of course, depending on your heating system, you need it, and so it cannot be removed completely. You, therefore, need to work out whether or not it is feasible to continue with the project. You might be able to have its location changed or you might be able to get a different plumbing system installed.

Furthermore, another problem that often comes apparent when thinking about a loft conversion is the lack of headspace. No one wants to be bumping their head every time they go up there! A solution that we think could work is to use thinner insulation materials. You could also opt to change the location of your access ladder so that it is directly beneath the roof apex- this will mean that you’re not at risk of banging your head as soon as you get into the loft.Loft conversion problems

Another issue is the landing below the loft. Often there is not enough space to put in a staircase. You then need to start thinking about whether you can have the entrance elsewhere or not. Sometimes this is a plausible idea while other times it’s not. It all depends on the layout of your home.

Here’s more advice from LABC on building a loft conversion.

Have you ever run into any problems while having a loft converted? Let us know.

5 thoughts on “Loft conversion problems

  1. A great blog post, thanks for sharing. Another factor that many people struggle with when thinking about converting their loft is the prospect of loosing a lot of storage space. This then begs the question if your loft room will be worth the loss of storage. It’s definitely a challenging project but, as your photograph shows, it can definitely be worth all the effort.

  2. If you’re pursuing a loft conversion, I’d always recommend measuring and drawing a plan of your loft beforehand, labelling where features such as tankers and beams are so you know what space you’re working with. As well as your list of potential problem areas, it’s always beneficial to look at where your plumbing is so you can work out how you would add an ensuite, for instance. For safety and security, you should also try and have a full inspection of the space completed to ensure there’s no damp or rotting.

    — Freddie

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