How to create a man cave in your cellar

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A lot of men out there will have dreamed about a man cave, and why wouldn’t they? The cellar is the perfect place to create one. Here are our ideas on everything that you need in order to make your man cave the ideal sanctuary!How to create a man cave in your cellar

You need to make sure that the room is habitable:

Although your excitement is likely running wild by this point, it’s vital that you at least try and keep your practical head on first. Make sure the room is appropriately wired, that there are no leaks and that the plumbing works. If you’ll be wanting Wi-Fi, make sure that it connects up down there. It’s probably a good idea to get it all insulated and soundproofed too.

Decide what you want the focal point of the room to be:

For a lot of men, this might be a pool table or a large TV with a surround sound system. You can then work out what the rest of the room’s going to look like.How to create a man cave in your cellar

Add comfortable seating:

If you’re the only person planning on using it, then you might only want the one sofa. But if you’re planning on having people round, then you’ll want lots of different seating. It might be the case that you go for multiple sofas, armchairs or even bean bags. It all depends on what you’d prefer!

Get a table:

A man cave’s not a man cave without a place to put your food and beer on. You also need to think about whether you’ll be wanting a table to play cards on- you and your friends might want to host regular poker nights, for example.How to create a man cave in your cellar

Think about storage:

You’re going to want somewhere to store your DVDs, games etc.

Install a fridge:

You’ll need somewhere to keep all your drinks nice and cool. Keep in mind that mini fridges can save space but that larger fridges hold more.

Make it homely:

Add posters of your favourite bands, put up your favourite artwork and display any trophies/memorabilia.

A man cave can be whatever you want it to be. Do you have any ideas for us? Let us know.

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  1. Great blog. I’m sure that most guys wish they had the space for their own little man cave. If you don’t have room in the house, one option is to look at getting a summershouse and relocate to the garden!

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