How to decorate a small bedroom


One of the biggest things that puts potential house buyers off a house is the size of the bedrooms. But what people don’t think about is the lack of time that they actually spend in their bedroom. Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t want it to look nice, but you certainly shouldn’t let the size of it put you off. How to decorate a small bedroomAny small room can look great if you’re in the know how! Lucky for you, we are – here’s how it’s done!

Make use of mirrors:

We know you’re likely to have heard this trick before, but we promise you, it does work. You could try hanging just the one mirror or you could go as far as to create a mirrored wall. It really does make a room feel bigger and it can also make it feel lighter too.

Be savvy with your storage:

There might not be much space, but there’s always room for storage. If you can see that putting in furniture around the room will just make it feel extra cluttered, then why not install under the bed storage? You could either buy a bed which already has it built in or you could create your own organisation under there. Just make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of letting this space become a mess, as it’ll do nothing to improve the amount of space that you do have.

If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit:

We know that you might really want that super king size bed, but sometimes we just can’t have what we want. A large bed squeezed into a small space is never going to look good as the room will feel consumed by it. Instead, try compromising with either a standard double bed or even a three-quarter bed.

Paint it in light colours:

The worst thing to do to a small room is to paint it a dark colour as it’ll only make it feel small and cramped. Go for lighter colours like whites, creams, yellows etc- it’ll make it feel airier.

Choose furniture with softer edges:

Any furniture that you choose to have would be better to have with rounded edges. It’ll maximise walkway space rather than hinder it.

Double up:

Instead of trying to squeeze in, say, a dressing table and a nightstand, why not combine them into one? It’ll save you space and you won’t have to go without anything!

Have you any small bedroom decorating tips for us? Let us know!

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