Different types of staircases


Staircases are something that many of us take for granted in our homes. We don’t really think about them much as we go up and down them on a regular basis, and yet this could be a bit of a mistake. Staircases can easily become the focal point of our homes with just a little bit of thought. In that case, let’s get you clued up on all the different types…Different types of staircases

Double staircases:

This type works best if your staircase is at the front of your house. You could have stairs going up on opposite sides adjacent to the front door. By doing this, the stairs and the landing will be the first thing that any visitors will see when they come into the house.

Spiral staircases:

Transform your home into something straight out of a fairytale with a spiral staircase. It’ll wind through the house without taking up too much space. The design itself all depends on whether you want something that looks romantic or more contemporary.

Open staircases:

This design is very modernistic, perfect for if you want your home to have a sleek and sophisticated feel. We’d suggest going for a metal handrail with a glass side to make the staircase look as if it’s floating.

Sweeping staircases:

This is a brilliant way to make a statement in a family home that craves as much room as possible. The stairs will likely feel wider with a more gradual incline.

Glass stairwells:

This type of staircase helps the stairwell to remain very light and open. It’ll, therefore, give your house a feel of flowing between the different levels.

Staircases with customised railings:

Customised railings will make your staircase stand out from the crowd straight away. Something as simple as a flower design can make all the difference, but you could also be brave and go for something a little more unusual.

There are tonnes of different staircase designs out there and it can be easy to feel daunted by them all. Choose one which fits into the style of the rest of your house and you can’t go wrong! Have you ever had an unusual staircase installed into your home? We’d love to hear about it.

One thought on “Different types of staircases

  1. Staircases are so often ignored, yet they have a wonderful aesthetic if you take time to look at them. I think they are at their best when they are focal points in a room; this always works best if there is a glass element incorporated, since it allows for a lightness of touch, and a blend into the interior design of a room. Spiral staircases are a dream; I always encourage customers to consider them, as they reel in potential buyers, and are amazing in photographs.

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