How to spruce up the front garden

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We’ve talked about the back garden this year, but what about the front? Front gardens are purely about kerb appeal. You’re not likely to spend much time lingering out there, however, it’s the first thing you’ll see when you get home every night and it’s the first thing that any visitors you have over will see. We would say that means it deserves a bit of attention! So how can you make it look good?How to spruce up the front garden

Blend it in with the rest of the street:

You don’t want to upset any of your neighbours and you also don’t want it to stand out for all the wrong reasons! To avoid this, look at what everyone else has done with their front gardens. You can then decide how far you want to go with it and work out how much work needs to be done to match it to the neighbourhood standard.

Don’t just choose seasonal flowers:

By doing this, you risk your front garden looking unkempt and miserable in the winter months. Instead, choose flowers that will bloom at various times all year round.How to spruce up the front garden

Decorate any walls/fences with plant climbers:

This will cover up any unsightly brickwork and, if done properly, can also make your home look more timeless, especially if you live in an urban area where there isn’t much green space.

Conceal any bins:

We know that sometimes it’s impossible to keep your bins in the back garden. However, instead of having them out in the open, why not conceal them using a trellis? Decorate the trellis with plant climbers, and ta-da, problem solved!

Put in hedges:

This will help to create a bit of privacy, perfect for if you live on a busy street! We’d suggest going for ones as tall as waist height- any higher and you could be at risk of blocking out too much light, making your front garden look too closed off and dark.How to spruce up the front garden

Avoid using too much paving:

We know that you need space to park your car, but instead of having a large section of the front garden purely for that, why not just have two strips of paving? You can then optimise your green space. The bonus of doing this is that it’ll look nice even if your car is not parked there.

Have you got any front garden ideas for us? We’d love to hear them!

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