How to make sure your carpet lasts

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More and more people are avoiding having carpets put down in their homes because they’re under the impression that they won’t last. But what we’re all forgetting is that anything requires regular maintenance if you want to keep it looking new and fresh. Carpets in particular benefit from it, but this doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours a day on your hands and knees. Here’s how to ensure that you get the most out of your carpet:How to make sure your carpet lasts

When choosing a carpet, to begin with, think about whether the colour will disguise marks: Rather than choosing a block colour for your carpet, try and choose one that is a blend of colours instead. This works best in neutral tones and a lot of the time, you won’t even be able to tell that it’s not just one colour.

Vacuum the floor effectively: A lot of the people are under the impression that they have to vacuum their carpet every day in order to keep it looking nice, but the truth is that this can take up a lot of time, something that not all of us have. We think that it’s best to do it a few times a week instead. Concentrate on the areas of your home which have a lot of traffic flowing through. By vacuuming more slowly in these areas, you should be able to pick up more dirt. Don’t be afraid of going over an area more than once either! We promise it won’t affect the wear and tear of your carpet.

If a stain appears, treat it: If you spill something on your carpet, it’s vital that you remove it straight away. If you don’t, the stain will set in and will become increasingly difficult to get out.

Use mats near the doors on both the inside and the outside: This will encourage people entering your home to wipe their feet meaning they won’t bring in dirt and debris from outside.How to make sure your carpet lasts

Get a professional in a few times a year: By getting someone in to clean your carpets a couple of times a year, they should be able to give it a thorough scrub and get rid of any marks or stains that you’ve missed.

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