Affordable kitchen update ideas

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Kitchens are perhaps the most used room in the house, and because of that, they tend to get worn out and tired quite quickly. That’s why it’s important that you carry out regular maintenance in there, but at the same time, we know that this can be expensive. Affordable kitchen update ideasThat’s why today’s blog is going to share some ideas with you that are a bit more purse friendly!

Repaint the cabinets:

If they’re already painted then giving them a brand new lick of paint will make the world of difference. If you’re feeling brave you could even try out a new colour. Bright colours will give it a fun and quirky feeling while more neutral colours will keep it looking classy and timeless. It all depends on what works best for you!Affordable kitchen update ideas

Update the lighting:

Changing the lighting can update the entire room in an instant. Why not choose an unusual light fitting and make it the focal point of the room? Another option is to go for chandelier or spotlight lighting- both have become increasingly popular and we can see why!Affordable kitchen update ideas

Give the wall a paint:

Just like with the cabinets, giving the wall a new coat of paint can give it a quick, fresh new feeling! We’ve noticed that accent walls are on the rise, and they’re a great way of trying out a new colour without taking the whole plunge.Affordable kitchen update ideas

Change up your kitchen appliances:

Instead of going for toasters, kettles etc in greys, blacks or white, why not go for greens, reds or blues? Doing this could liven the whole room up, especially if you start to match other decorations around the room to this new colour scheme.Affordable kitchen update ideas

Modernise your kitchen through your shelving:

Open shelving is big at the moment in contemporary kitchen styles. It means that you can easily see everything that you have without having to rummage through all your cupboards. It can be beneficial in terms of saving money on food too as you’ll no longer have to worry about the things at the back going out of date before you can get to them!Affordable kitchen update ideas

These are just a handful of ideas and we’re sure that there are loads more out there. If you have any ideas for us, then why not let us know?

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