How to transform your bathroom into a home spa

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Everyone likes a bit of R and R sometimes, but in a world that always has us on the go, sometimes there just isn’t time in the diary for a relaxing weekend spa break. That’s why today’s blog is going to show you how you can transform your bathroom into a room that feels just like the spa. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll be feeling more relaxed in no time. Here’s how to do it…How to transform your bathroom into a home spa

Make your bathroom sleek and white:

Spas are normally very clean and luxurious feeling spaces, so why not bring that into your own bathroom? Add accents of brown to stop the room from looking too cold and clinical. You could further avoid this by decorating one wall with wooden slats.

Get rid of your shower curtain:

Spas don’t tend to use shower curtains so get rid of yours and install glass panelling instead.

Sink your bath:

Instead of having a free standing bath or a shower/bath combined, why not sink your bath into the floor? The deeper the better we say! It’ll almost be like having your very own plunge pool or Jacuzzi.

Create lots of storage:

You never see a messy spa, do you? Keep all of your toiletries tucked away into the cupboards. Fold your towels into neat piles and just generally avoid clutter.

Change your lighting:

Spas tend to have very soothing, minimal lighting so steer away from bright and harsh! A dimming switch could help with this. Scatter lots of candles around the room too, ready for lighting after a long day at work. When they’re not being burned, they’ll help to keep the room smelling delicious.

Keep your bath towels looking fluffy:

One of the most enjoyable things about going to a spa is emerging yourself in comfort! If you have any bath rugs, then keep them looking fluffy too.

Add bathroom seating:

After all, you need somewhere to apply all your home spa treatments! Our top tip is to make sure that it’s comfortable.

With a bit of clever thinking, you’ll have your own home spa in no time. What do you think? Have we convinced you to transform your bathroom into a spa?

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