Common problems in older houses

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A lot of people decide to buy an older house because they are charmed by the fact that it has character. However, what they often don’t think about is all the problems that they are likely to encounter because of its age. That’s why today’s blog post will hopefully enlighten you on what to look out for…Common problems in older houses

The number one issue you need to look out for (and which will likely cost you the most money to fix!) are those which are structural. Older houses have been exposed to the elements for years and are often made from less durable materials than newer houses. Rot is very commonly found in them, and so it’s important that you keep an eye out for any damp inside and outside the house, especially on the roof. You’ll also need to keep an eye out for any cracks or bulges. Sometimes it’s possible to tackle the problem, but we’d suggest consulting an expert, just in case!

You’ll also want to look out for lack of insulation. Examine the walls and floors, and check the windows as they’re not likely to be double glazed. You can solve this by repairing any worn caulking and by installing new installation.

Problems with plumbing are another issue that crops up a lot in older houses. You might find that sinks and plug holes become easily clogged because the system isn’t very efficient, or you might find that the pipes are rusting which could lead to them leaking or even bursting.

Look out for asbestos. Asbestos was commonly used in the past as people weren’t aware of the health issues caused by exposure to it. If you think that the house has any, then it’s important that you get in contact with the Environmental Protection Agency who can help ascertain the steps that need to be taken to remove it.Common problems in older houses

Wiring issues are also common and that’s because of how our household needs have developed over time. Nowadays we use need more electricity than ever! It could be useful to consult an electrician who will be able to ascertain how easy it would be change the way the wiring currently works so that your home runs more efficiently. It could be as simple as just putting in extra sockets, but it’s always best to check and get a second opinion off a professional. You’ll also need to look out for any wires that look frayed or damaged as these could pose a big safety risk.

They might be at risk of having lots of problems, but don’t rule out older homes as a possibility. The problems found are normally fixable, and it’s always nice to have a home with a bit of history! Have you ever bought an older house? What was your experience like?

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  1. What must be considered with older properties is the use of traditional materials in the repair. The removal of any inappropriate repairs, such as sand & cement render & pointing is accentual for the long term well being of older properties. The use of lime render & plaster should always be used.

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