How to make your garden more sociable

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With summer firmly here (at least for now!), we can bet you’re in the process of planning barbecues and garden parties. Of course, deciding to have one is the fun part, but actually organising it is when things can get a little more complicated. Maybe you’ve only got a small garden, or maybe you’re not sure that you’ve got enough seating for everyone. Either way, there’s no need to panic! We’ve got you covered on how to make your garden more sociable so that things will run more smoothly and your outdoor get together will run as smoothly as possible. Here’s how it’s done:How to make your garden more sociable

Make use of the space that you have:

Even the smallest garden can look more sociable if a little bit of thought is put into it. By creating a decking area and a patio, you can section your garden into different spaces which are perfect for sitting. We suggest that you make sure that you build your decking/patio area in a section of the garden where it receives a lot of sun throughout the day.

Think about the type of garden furniture you have:

Instead of going for the traditional table and chairs, why not create a long bench? It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable- all you need is some cushions and padding, and suddenly you have a seating area that’ll provide more room for people to sit down. Also, don’t forget that you’ll be needing a table. Choose something that has room for everything you’ll need but which won’t take up all the room in your garden.How to make your garden more sociable

Put lighting around the garden:

You’ll be able to continue your gathering straight into the night if you want to! It’ll also help to make your garden look more atmospheric. We’d suggest going for solar lights. You could try scattering them around any trees or bushes that you have in your garden, or you could artfully drape them over your fences.

Create an outdoor cooking space:

This way you won’t have to keep having to go back indoors to bring all your food outside. We’d suggest going for a barbecue area, a herb garden, and a space to hang up all of your cooking utensils. In terms of drink, why not get creative and try building your own outdoor bar? We know you want to…How to make your garden more sociable

Install an outdoor heater of some kind:

Our favourite is a fire pit. Just imagine gathering all your family and friends around as dusk falls. Nothing says a summer evening quite like a campfire!

With a little bit of thought, you can have the sociable garden you always dreamed of, and trust us; your guests will love it. Let us know if you have any sociable garden ideas for us!

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