Why you should get a summerhouse this year:

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Summerhouses are the perfect addition to any garden. They not only spruce it up and make it look great; they’re also really useful! In Britain, the weather can be very changeable, and that’s why having somewhere that’s outside but that also provides some sort of shelter, is an excellent idea. Here’s our top reasons for why you should get a summerhouse:Why you should get a summerhouse this year

Imagine the scenario- you’ve invited all your family and friends over for a barbecue. The day started off beautifully sunny but around halfway into the afternoon, the heavens opened and suddenly you’re all getting soaked through. The problem is that when this happens, you might not want everyone trudging inside your home. That’s when having a summerhouse comes in useful. It provides a space where you can shelter and continue your party if you want to.

Summerhouses are also brilliant on those summer days when the weather’s not nice enough to be outside, but you still want some fresh air. Take a book, open the doors, and enjoy watching the outdoors while still being safely under shelter.

Another reason to get a summerhouse is that they’re perfect for al fresco dining. On summer evenings when the sun’s starting to go down and there’s a slight breeze in the air, summerhouses offer the perfect retreat to enjoy a meal.Why you should get a summerhouse this year

Summerhouses are a cheaper alternative to a conservatory but offer similar uses. How much you spend on it depends on how often you’ll be using it, but we recommend going for a model which is at the higher end of the scale as it’ll be more durable and will likely be larger. That way you can really feel the benefits of having one. They also don’t get as warm due to the fact that they’re made of wood rather than glass.

Despite being called ‘summerhouses’ they actually come in useful at other times of the year. They can be used as an office, as a home gym, as a home cinema room, or even as a playroom for the kids. With a bit of thought, your summerhouse can be anything that you want it to be.

You really can’t go wrong with a summerhouse. What do you think? Have we persuaded you into getting one? If you already have one, we’d love to know how you make the most of it!

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