How to choose the right sofa for your living room

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The sofa tends to be the focal point of the living room. It’s the place you come home and slump on after a long day at work, it’s the place that all the family gathers to watch a film, and it’s the place where you’re likely to spend a lazy Sunday morning. That’s why it’s important that you choose the right one, and here at Home&Build, we’ve decided to share with you all of our know how so that you can do just that.How to choose the right sofa for your living room

The first thing to do is to think about the size. You might love l-shaped sofas, for example, but there’s no point in buying one if it won’t fit! The key to stopping this from happening is to make sure that you’re realistic. Be practical and measure up your living room so that when you go sofa shopping, you can avoid disappointment straight away by ruling out those which you know won’t work in your home. In terms of size, you’ll also need to ensure that it’s big enough for all of the family. Different options include having two separate sofas, having a sofa and an armchair or choosing one long sofa- the choice is yours, just keep in mind our first bit of advice.

The next thing to think about is the orientation that the sofa will be. It helps to think about what you use the sofa for and how often you plan to use it. Contemplate how close to the TV you want it to be, what angle it’ll be to the coffee table, is it going to go underneath the window etc.

Now you need to consider what sort of style you want. To do this, think about what the rest of the room looks like. You should then be able to narrow things down. After all, there’s no point in buying a blue sofa, for example, if the rest of the room is a completely different colour! We’d suggest going for something more neutral so that it’s easily adaptable to whatever your style is. It also makes things easier and saves you money in the long term if you decide you want to change your living room decor.How to choose the right sofa for your living room

You’ll also want to think about comfort. If you know that you like to spend time relaxing on it, then go for something which is super comfortable. If you know that the sofa isn’t used that often and you just want something that looks more aesthetically pleasing, then it doesn’t have to necessarily be as comfortable.

Buying a sofa might seem overwhelming when there’s so much choice on offer, but keep a cool head, think practically, and we promise you’ll be fine! Have you got any tips to share with us?

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