How to make your kitchen look more expensive

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Here at Home&Build, we’re brimming with ideas on how to make your kitchen look fabulous, however, we know that sometimes you need to watch the purse strings before committing to a brand new, top of the range kitchen. How to make your kitchen look more expensiveThat’s why today’s blog is all about how you can make your kitchen look more expensive while taking a smaller budget into consideration. Here are our top tips:

Consider the lighting:

Lighting is one of the number one things that can make or break your kitchen. We recommend that you go for lighting which is less harsh. In terms of the light fitting itself, instead of something boring and plain, why not go for something glamourous and trendy? You can get chandelier style fittings and spotlight fittings for reasonable prices if you shop around, and we can guarantee that they’ll instantly make a difference to the room!How to make your kitchen look more expensive

Get rid of anything mismatched:

By ensuring that items such as your kettle and toaster match in colour and style, you can instantly set a theme to your kitchen. You can then continue that theme into your cutlery and any ornaments or pictures that you use to decorate the room. This helps the space to look more put together and less messy.

Go for neutral colours: 

We’re all for a splash of colour but opting for a kitchen that is completely a bright colour can make it look really tacky and therefore cheap. By opting for greys and white, the space becomes more sleek and modern, which is exactly what you need in order for it to look like you’ve spent more money than you actually have!

Clear out the clutter: 

As the centre of your home, it’s easy to use the kitchen as a space to store your clutter. Getting rid of it all and organising your things can make the room feel larger and again, more put together.How to make your kitchen look more expensive

Only splurge on the important things: 

You can’t expect to make your kitchen look great without spending nothing, so that’s why it’s best to only spend hard on the things that count, such as the counter surfaces, the cabinets, and the appliances that are in there. These are all the things that need to last, so it’s vital that you put your money into them, rather than things which are considered more cosmetic.

By doing just a few things, you can update your kitchen without totally breaking the bank. Have you any ideas for us? We’d love to hear them!

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