How to make your home pet-friendly

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We all love our cuddly little bundles of fur whether they be a dog or a cat, but that love can quickly turn to annoyance and frustration when they mess up our homes, not that it’s their fault. That’s why today’s article is all about how you can tailor your home so that it’s suitable for you and your furry friend. After all, pets become part of the family, and it’s important that you can keep them in mind when you’re decorating. Here’s how it’s done:How to make your home pet-friendly

The first thing to think about is the flooring. You might really like the idea of a white carpet, but we can bet that you won’t be happy when you find muddy paw prints on it! We also suggest that you avoid wooden flooring as it can be very prone to scratches when there’s a pet around. Instead, go for something more practical like tiles. There’s a wide choice out there to choose from so we can guarantee that we can find something that’s easily adaptable to your home. If you’re worried about tiles making your home feel cold, warm things up with rugs. Again, you’ll need to keep in mind that they could get ruined, so think about choosing those which are inexpensive. That way you won’t mind so much if you do have to replace one.

It might sound silly, but it could be a good idea to keep your decor in line with the colour of your pet’s fur. There’s nothing worse than having a black sofa with a white dog, as you’ll just be constantly brushing off all of the hairs that you’ll inevitably find! Throws are a good answer to this too, as you can easily wash them if they get any hairs on them, and they’ll stop your home from looking too matchy-matchy and boring! Who said having a pet means having to give up style?How to make your home pet-friendly

Ensure that any ornaments and valuables are well out of reach so that they don’t get broken. You don’t have to get rid of them completely of course, but try putting them on shelves which are higher up. If you’re still worried, then why not decorate the rooms which your pet goes in with wall art instead? Pictures, prints, whichever you prefer.

Having a pet can be like having a small child. They’re excitable and are likely to try and get their nose in everywhere! That’s why we think it’s a good idea to keep any electrical cables out of sight, to have the toilet seat kept down so that your pet doesn’t drink from it, and to avoid buying anything for the house which is heavy and at risk of being pulled over.

These are just a few tips of course, so we’d love to hear if you have any more for us! What measures have you put in place to keep your home pet-friendly? Let us know!

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