What to look out for when viewing a house


Hunting for a new house is a time of mixed emotions. It can be exciting as it’s a step towards a new life chapter but also be daunting as there’s so much that goes into it, from finding a place you’ll be happy in, to packing up for the move.What to look out for when viewing a house

Of course, finding the right home is the first and most important step. There’s no right answer to how many properties you should view but if you’re a picky buyer, it’s important to take note of the houses you liked and what work they might need. This way you’ll be able to plan and budget in advance as much as possible, saving you lots of hassle down the line.

To help, the AA has produced a new Homebuyer’s Checklist. Covering 13 topics, it’s filled with questions and suggestions on what details you should check on a potential property. If you can’t check these yourself, ask either the estate agent or current owner. Some examples from the list include:

Roof and Attic: Do the gutters have any holes, do they appear solidly fixed, or are there any drips or blockages?
Alarms: Are there mains connected smoke alarms installed and do they work?
Doors: Are the doors difficult to open? This could be a sign that the property has started to subside.
Damp: Look inside the back of cupboards and wardrobes where signs of damp may be hiding.

What other things do you think should be checked when viewing a house? Let us know!

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One thought on “What to look out for when viewing a house

  1. This is a really handy checklist for prospective buyers. To add to your excellent point about checking the roof, it’s also worth checking for distorted shingles, blocked gutters or damaged flashings. It can be easy to miss roof problems, when there are so many other factors to be considering!

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