How to create a cosy bathroom

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On chilly winter days, your bathroom should be a cosy retreat where you can relax and enjoy a blissful soak in the bath. So if you’re fed up of shivering after your shower, read on to discover our top tips for a toasty bathroom.How to create a cosy bathroom

Warm up your towels

There’s nothing like wrapping yourself in a soft fluffy towel when you step out of the shower. However, to experience complete cosiness, the towel needs to be warm. Our recommendation? A heated towel rail.

Whether it’s free standing or wall mounted, a heated towel rail will warm your bathroom as well as your towels. If you want to avoid running your central heating in Spring just to warm a towel, opt for an electric or dual fuel rail, as these can be turned on and off, making them super-efficient.

Treat your feet

No one wants to step out of the shower onto cold bare tiles in the depths of winter. To avoid this, it’s worth investing in at least one luxuriously soft bathroom mat. Alternatively, if you’re willing to splash a little cash, opt for underfloor heating.

While installing underfloor heating can be pricey, it’s also efficient, so you’ll save on energy bills in the long term.How to create a cosy bathroom

Be clever with colour

An expanse of white tiles can make your bathroom look cold, so why not add some warm reds, oranges or shades of yellow? If you’re feeling brave, you could use them to create a bold feature wall. For a more subtle splash of colour, try adding some bright towels, mats and other accessories.How to create a cosy bathroom

Let there be light

To keep your bathroom feeling cosy, we suggest avoiding bright white or fluorescent lights, as they can look harsh and clinical. Instead, choose lights that emit a warm amber glow.

Wall lights or spotlights are also ideal, as they create soft pools of light that will soothe tired eyes. For an added treat, simply light a few scented candles, pour some bubbles into your bath and ……relax.

Follow our simple guide and your bathroom will become a cosy retreat where you can completely unwind on winter days. Do you have any extra tips? We’d love to hear them!

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