How to convert your cellar into a family games room

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Do you ever wish you had a bigger house? If your home’s starting to feel like Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs, we have the perfect solution.How to convert your cellar into a family games room

Converting your cellar into a games room gives all the family a place to unwind and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun. Here’s how it’s done.

Prepare properly

Before you crack on with your conversion, you’ll need approval from your local authority building control. A straightforward conversion shouldn’t need planning permission, but it’s always worth asking.

Once you’ve done this, check that your cellar is wired safely and that the walls are properly plastered and insulated. Keep an eye out for leaks, as these could result in mould or future flooding.

It’s also important to provide ventilation, which you can do by adding airbricks, an extractor fan and a dehumidifier. Finally, to keep your family toasty, you’ll need to consider how to heat your cellar.How to convert your cellar into a family games room

Add light and colour

One light fitting won’t be enough to make your cellar feel welcoming, so we suggest adding a selection of spotlights, lamps, pendant lights and fairy lights. If your budget allows, you could even install a glazed floor in the room above the cellar.

Covering the walls with pale paint will also help by reflecting light around the cellar, so why not save any brighter colours for your soft furnishings and accessories?How to convert your cellar into a family games room

Go multifunctional

Filling your cellar with multifunctional furniture will make it feel spacious, so we recommend hunting around for seats with drawers and tables with added storage. It’s also worth thinking vertically, as wall mounted TVs, shelving and stackable boxes help to keep carpets clutter free.

Even floor covering can be multi-purpose. Carpet tiles are great for creating a giant game of hopscotch and a playmat could keep car-loving kids happy for hours!How to convert your cellar into a family games room

Fill with fun

A games room should cater for all the family, so try and include all age activities like table tennis, giant Jenga and Twister, as well as a few age-specific options.
If your kids are creative, why not use chalkboard paint to create a wall-sized canvas? And if you all love reading, a book nook with comfy seating is the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon.How to convert your cellar into a family games room

What would your perfect family games room look like? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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