How to grow a romantic garden

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From the days of ancient Greece, roses have been used to express love and passion. However, there are plenty of equally beautiful flowers, plants and garden decorations you can use to create a dreamy atmosphere.How to grow a romantic garden
Read on to discover how to transform your entire garden into a romantic retreat.

Captivate with colour

Beautiful blooms are the key to creating a romantic setting for your loved one, so why not fill your flowerbeds with a profusion of colour? Camellias, roses, tulips, dahlias, poppies and peonies are our favourites. You can also make the most of any available trellises and fences by covering them with colourful climbers like honeysuckle, wisteria or clematis.

If you’d like to plant a tree for your beloved, the delicate pink blossom of the cherry tree makes it the ideal choice. For smaller gardens, simply think vertically and opt for hanging baskets overflowing with trailing flowers.How to grow a romantic garden

Fill with fragrance

Romantic gardens engage all the senses, so you’ll need to add some seductive scents to accompany your colours. We recommend rambling roses, honeysuckle and jasmine, along with a selection of ornamental herbs like lavender, lemon balm and rosemary.How to grow a romantic garden

Create comfortable seating

Whether it’s a swing seat hanging from a large branch, a delicately framed bistro style bench or a seat under a pergola, make sure your garden includes a place to sit and while the hours away with your loved one. Colourful cushions and luxurious throws will add extra comfort and warmth.How to grow a romantic garden

Light the way

Soft lighting adds an air of romance to any garden, so why not hang a few solar powered lanterns from branches or string some fairy lights around your favourite tree? Alternatively, you could decorate an archway or pergola with string lights. Clusters of tea lights or candles in jars also work well.How to grow a romantic garden

Include secret spots

A secluded nook, a bench under a tree or an archway covered in flowers is the perfect place to share a romantic conversation. To add to the effect, try placing your secret spot at the end of a winding path, beyond a gate or in a private area screened by evergreens.How to grow a romantic garden

Finish with a flourish

Special touches are always romantic, so why not surprise your beloved with a timeless statue or a stunning water feature? The sound of running water is guaranteed to sooth away any weekday worries, paving the way for romance!How to grow a romantic garden

Have we inspired you to create your own romantic garden? We’d love to hear your ideas, so leave a comment below.

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