How to convert your garage into a home office

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If you’re struggling to find space to work from home, we’ve got the perfect solution. Why not clear the clutter out of your garage and convert it into a home office?

Here’s how to do it…How to convert your garage into a home office

Plan ahead

You shouldn’t need planning permission to convert your garage, but any change of use is subject to building regulations, so you’ll need to submit scale drawings to your council before beginning work. A structural engineer will be able to draw these up.

Following this, an inspector will visit at various stages of the process. They’ll check that the conversion is structurally sound, properly insulated, dampproofed, fireproof and well ventilated.

If you replace the garage door, make sure that any brickwork and windows blend in with the rest of your house, as this will make it easier to sell.How to convert your garage into a home office

Prepare properly

To prepare your garage, you’ll need to decide what to keep and find alternative storage space for it. Everything else can be recycled or rehomed.

Once you’ve decluttered, clean your garage floor thoroughly before freshening up the walls with a coat of paint.How to convert your garage into a home office

Power up

Heat and light are essential in a home office so your conversion will require some rewiring. The cheapest option involves locating the garage on your current consumer unit with its own miniature circuit breaker. Alternatively, you could install an extra mains supply with a separate consumer unit.

It’s also worth considering how many electric sockets you’ll need and whether you need a phone line. To ensure reliable internet access, run an Ethernet cable from your router to the garage or set up a wireless router with a decent range. How to convert your garage into a home office

Choose your flooring

Prefer carpet to tiles? Then you could opt for hardwearing carpet tiles, as these can be replaced individually. Wooden flooring or PVC tiles are also sensible choices, as they’re easy to clean, durable and provide a barrier against moisture.

If you’re looking for something more luxurious, porcelain tiles are stylish and insulate against noise and draughts.How to convert your garage into a home office

Create a comfortable workspace

When it comes to creating your workspace, we suggest locating your desk in a well-lit area of the garage. Adding a lamp, an ergonomic chair and some inspiring artwork will make the space feel more homely.

If you need to buy extra storage, we recommend metal shelves, as they cope well with humidity. Storage boxes should have close fitting lids and be made of plastic, as cardboard degrades.How to convert your garage into a home office

Have we inspired you to convert your garage into a home office? We’d love to know!

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