Your new kitchen – on a budget

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Improving or replacing your kitchen is probably one of the most expensive projects you can undertake inside your home (short of adding an extension or a conservatory). You will need to remove all cabinets, tiling, flooring and appliances and dispose of them. Then you need to buy new and replace to a new design – possibly with new electrics and plumbing. It’s a complicated job that requires the help of a professional builder.Your new kitchen - on a budget

But what if you have a very small budget and you want a kitchen that still looks new and fresh? Replacement kitchen doors are a great interim idea for sprucing up your kitchen cabinets without the need for either an expensive builder or deep pockets.

The process of replacing your kitchen doors is very simple and can be carried out entirely online. All you need to do is measure your current doors very carefully (most are standard sizes anyway – but bespoke doors can also be bought) and decide on the design, material and colour that you want. Then simply place your order and wait for the new doors to arrive.Your new kitchen - on a budget

Replacing your kitchen cabinet doors is also very simple. You will need to remove the hinges from your old doors and attach them to the new doors in the same position. Most replacement doors come with pre-drilled holes to make this easier. You can then attach your chosen handles to the new doors and fix the new doors to the old hinges that are fixed to the carcasses. And hey presto, a new looking kitchen.

Of course, you might want to go a little further and replace your worktop, tiles and flooring at the same time. These are all jobs that might be best left to a professional, but with all of the savings you have made in not having to buy new kitchen cabinets or getting a new design, you will have spare cash to get help where needed.Your new kitchen - on a budget

Don’t forget these golden rules though:

  • If you make any changes to the electrics in your kitchen, you will need a part P registered electrician to sign it off.
  • Measure twice and order once!
  • Choose doors that will match well with your current cabinets.
  • Choose handle-less kitchen doors if you don’t want to buy handles as well.
  • Visit the showroom of the supplier if you want to see your kitchen door first – or order samples in advance.
  • Any structural changes in the kitchen may require buildings regulations consent. Take a look at our video to help you with this.
  • You must recycle your old kitchen doors at the council refuse centre. There may be a cost involved in this.

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