How to let more natural light into your home

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Sunlight boosts our vitamin D levels and helps us to feel positive, so it’s no surprise that natural light is the number one feature people look for when buying a family home. But to make the most of all that lovely light, you need to let it in.How to let more natural light into your home

Here are five simple steps you can take to make this happen.

Clean and clear

It might sound obvious, but giving your windows a good clean is the first step to a lighter living space. Once you’ve done this, we suggest trimming any trees, climbing plants or bushes that are obscuring the view.

How to let more natural light into your homeAre your windows looking worn? Then why not consider replacing them? If your patio doors also need upgrading, we recommend installing bi-folding doors, which transform an entire wall into a window, giving you a fabulous view.

Any replacement windows should be fitted by a FENSA registered installer, as you’ll need a certificate of compliance if you sell your property.

Ditch dark colours

When it comes to decorating, avoid dark colours and opt for cream, magnolia or other pale colours that reflect light. Avoid brilliant white though, as it can make rooms feel cold.

How to let more natural light into your homeWe also suggest painting your ceilings a couple of shades lighter than the walls, as doing this will create a feeling of height and space. Choose paint with a satin finish to keep the reflection going, or you could even invest in a paint that contains reflective particles.

Your choice of flooring is equally important. Carpet tends to absorb light, while wooden, ceramic or polished stone flooring reflects it. If you do prefer carpet, go for a light, neutral colour.

Go glossy

Adding glossy furniture and accessories with a reflective surface will also boost the level of light in your home. Shiny tiles, chrome fittings, glass table tops, acrylic chairs, gleaming white floor tiles and gold or silver photo frames are all ideal.How to let more natural light into your home

Make the most of mirrors

You probably know that hanging mirrors opposite a window reflect light around the room, but did you know that placing mirrors opposite each other has the same effect? You can also make a short hallway appear longer than it is by simply hanging a large mirror at the end of it.How to let more natural light into your home

Cover windows carefully

When it comes to curtains, sheer lightweight materials are much better than heavy fabrics. Alternatively, why not swap curtains for blinds, as these allow you to easily adjust the light entering your home?

Venetian blinds are particularly useful, because the slats reflect light, bouncing it around the room.How to let more natural light into your home

Install skylights

Skylights bring in three times more light than vertical windows, making them the perfect solution for gloomy rooms. Installing one will also reduce your reliance on artificial lighting and add value to your home.How to let more natural light into your home

If cost is an issue, you might want to consider installing a solar tunnel instead. This consists of a window or dome on your roof and a tube that reflects sunlight into your living space via the ceiling. 

Do you have any handy tips for letting in more light? Let us know!

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