How to keep your roof in great condition

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Thinking of selling your house this spring? You’re more likely to attract buyers if the roof is well-maintained and doesn’t need any major repairs. Thankfully, this isn’t difficult to achieve if you know what to look for.How to keep your roof in great condition

Here’s our quick guide to keeping your roof in cracking condition.

Inspect the exterior

Exposure to snow, frost, wind and rain can damage tiles, so we recommend inspecting the outside of your roof twice a year.How to keep your roof in great condition

Keen to avoid the cost of a roofing specialist? It’s perfectly possible to do the inspection yourself if you have an extension ladder, a safety harness and a breaking strain rope. Alternatively, you could view the roof through a pair of binoculars.

Start your inspection by looking for missing, loose or damaged tiles, then check that the top of the roof follows a straight line along the ridge. Sagging can indicate that your roof needs more stability, in which case extra rafters or struts can be fitted. However, if the sagging is caused by deep water damage, you may need to replace the roof.

Finally, check that the flashing around chimneys and roof vents isn’t loose or peeling away, as this could allow water to seep into your home.

Check for leaks

Inspecting your loft for signs of damage is the next step. Do this on a sunny day and you’ll be able to see sunlight coming through any broken or worn tiles. You should also look out for damp patches, leaks and signs of previous water damage.How to keep your roof in great condition

Once you’ve done this, scour the rest of your walls and ceilings for circular stains, watermarks and blistering. If there’s a leak, you might even hear dripping sounds.
Skylights and vents that penetrate through the roof should also be inspected to ensure that sealant isn’t cracking or peeling away.

Remove moss

Because moss traps water, it can cause roofing materials to rot. It’s possible to brush away small amounts if you catch it early, but established moss requires treatment with a non-toxic product containing zinc sulphate.How to keep your roof in great condition

To remove moss from your tiles, simply apply the product, wait for 20 minutes and brush the moss away. Don’t forget to check the small crevices in between the tiles to make sure that there’s no build-up of moss, as this can pull the tiles apart.

Clean your gutters

Clogged gutters can prevent water from flowing through to the downspout. If this happens, the water will soak into the roof and cause rotting, so we recommend cleaning your gutters regularly with a gutter brush.How to keep your roof in great condition

It’s also worth checking your gutters for the sand-like granules that are used as a top coat for your tiles. Finding a significant amount of these granules could mean that your tiles are deteriorating.

Have you ever inspected your own roof? Share your experiences and tips below!

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  1. It’s pretty easy to forget about the roof, as many homeowners consider it to be one of the parts of the house which is reliable. However, easy-to-fix problems can get a lot worse if you’re not careful. I like the idea of looking at the roof through binoculars – definitely helps with the safety aspect, and can help to diagnose problems which would cost you more money and discomfort in the future.

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