Deep Well: a Spanish haven in the Surrey suburbs

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When homeowner Andrew first met architect Rob Stannard, he had already received planning approval to redesign and extend Deep Well. However, he was unsure who he could rely on to carry the project forward.

Within a short space of time, Rob’s confidence and professional expertise had convinced Andrew to appoint him as Architect. The result? A beautiful contemporary home with a summery Spanish feel.

Deep Well: a Spanish haven in the Surrey suburbs

Deep Well front of house

Originally a self-built home owned by an airline pilot, Deep Well is set in a beautiful semi-rural part of Surrey. New owners Andrew and Jonathan were keen to transform the 1970s three bed property into a stylish modern home with a two bedroom annexe for Andrew’s parents.

Deep Well: a Spanish haven in the Surrey suburbs

Deep Well before extension

Once on board, Rob Stannard helped to refine the original plans for the property, redesigning the layout of the house and annexe. He also liaised with a local landscape gardening company regarding plans for a Spanish terraced style garden. Impressively, the architect’s plans were so detailed that the team at Southern Building Control partnership were able to check the application within ten days and approve it shortly afterwards.

Deep Well: a Spanish haven in the Surrey suburbs

Deep Well House from back garden

Because Rob knew that noise would travel between the main house and the annexe, he approached his design as if he was creating two separate properties. This meant separating some of the steel beams supporting the roofs and floors and treating the shared wall as if it were a party wall dividing two houses. As well as reducing noise, Rob’s plan would enable Andrew’s parents to control their own heating, giving them a sense of independence.

Now that he had an architect on board, Andrew needed to find a reliable local builder. Kavbro Build came highly recommended and Andrew was impressed by director Murtha’s design ideas, money-saving suggestions and connections with local suppliers. Murtha accepted the role of project manager, with support from Rob and a structural engineer.

Teamwork was key when it came to finalising the design of both the house and annexe. Rob suggested rendering the facade of the house to give it a modern feel and extra weatherproofing, while Murtha came up with a clever way to make the make the property appear more symmetrical, as the original designs showed the roof height of the house and annexe at different levels.

Murtha’s initial idea involved raising the annexe’s roof height. However, because this would have left the roof looking thicker, he suggested adding an aluminium coated feature band at roof height. The band would run around the entire house, hiding any roof thickness and making the house appear more symmetrical.

Kavbro Build are known for their attention to detail and Murtha demonstrated this with his willingness to go the extra mile. He “future-proofed” the annexe by creating level thresholds to the entrance, changing the internal lobby doors to give wheelchair access and adding a non-slip surface to the extension’s balcony.

The oak staircases in the house and annexe also show great attention to detail. These were hand built by Andy, Kavbro’s carpenter, who also added oak detailing to the property’s porch, to tie in with the oak framed garage.Deep Well: a Spanish haven in the Surrey suburbs

When it comes to sustainability, Deep Well and its annexe are insulated beyond current requirements and both feature high-efficiency gas boilers. All products and tradesmen were locally sourced and the property also features sustainable timber.

The relationship between Andrew and his team was extremely positive throughout this project and the team enjoyed several after work beers and barbecues. They also held weekly meetings to discuss progress at the end of each week, so that any issues could be dealt with quickly. This was crucial, as Andrew’ parents needed to move into their new annexe by March 2017.

One of the project’s major issues became apparent when the roof was partially removed, revealing that the existing structure wouldn’t cope with slate tiles. Because the first floor walls weren’t strong enough either, Murtha and the structural engineer swiftly decided to take the walls back to first-floor level, bringing in extra labour to rebuild them in cavity construction.

The original drainage plan for the properties also had to be rethought, so Murtha asked building control surveyor Mark for advice. This led to rerouting the foul drainage around the site and concealing it within the terracing and garden features.

By dealing with challenges calmly and efficiently, Rob, Murtha and the Kavbro team amazingly managed to complete their project on time. The redesigned property and grounds are so impressive that it’s now on the books of Lavish Locations, who source unique properties for film and photographic shoots and if you’d like to use the location too, Andrew’s contact details are below.Deep Well: a Spanish haven in the Surrey suburbs

In March 2017, Andrew’s parents moved into their new home and they’re now enjoying the beautiful views from their terrace and balcony. One year on, the project team’s hard work has been rewarded by achieving ‘Highly Commended’ in the Best Alteration to an Existing Home category at the LABC South East Awards.

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