How to banish bathroom clutter

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How to banish bathroom clutterAre your bathroom surfaces covered with bottles, bath toys and tubes of toothpaste? Don’t despair! We’ve come up with four simple steps that will transform your untidy bathroom into a calm, clutter-free sanctuary.

1. Clear out and categorise

How to banish bathroom clutterTo start the decluttering process, clear a large space, grab a bin bag and remove everything from your bathroom cupboards, cabinets and shelves. You’ll probably discover a multitude of half empty shampoo bottles, unused holiday minis and unopened gifts.

Once you’ve done this, organise the contents into a number of categories. These could include bath products, shampoo, skincare products, dental products, makeup, gifts, toys and cleaning products.

2. Declutter each category

How to banish bathroom clutterNow that you know exactly what you’re dealing with, go through the contents of each category and ask yourself which products you consider to be essential and which you simply love using. Put all of these to one side and separate the remaining products into two piles.

The first pile should include new items such as unwanted gifts and unopened products you aren’t likely to use, as these can be safely donated to a food bank or charity shop.

Everything else needs to be placed in the second pile and thrown away. If you come across any children’s bath toys, it’s worth checking them for any signs of black mould, as this can be dangerous.

3. Make the most of your storage

How to banish bathroom clutterThe next step involves those everyday essentials and your favourite products. Choose one product from each category (for example, your usual shampoo and your favourite cleanser) and place it in the spot where it normally gets used.

Any spare products can now be rehomed, so make the most of your bathroom’s concealed storage. Avoid using any shelves or surfaces at this point, as vanity units, mirrored bathroom cabinets and cupboards will keep everything out of sight.

When you’re putting products away, always place newer items at the back and consider placing smaller items in a tray or clear box, to prevent the dreaded domino effect!

4. Shop for extra containers

How to banish bathroom clutterWhen you’ve used up all the available storage, you might have a few items left over. However, rather than simply repopulating your shelves and surfaces with loose products, why not group similar products together and keep them tidy by investing in some stylish containers?

Pretty baskets, mason jars and colourful or clear boxes all work well and you could even designate a container for each family member’s favourite toiletries.

Once you’ve put everything away, there’s one final job that needs doing. Tell everyone else in your family how the system works and ask them to stick to it!

Do you have any top tips for keeping your bathroom clutter free? Let us know in the comments below.

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